English proficiency test

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The Versant English Placement Test (VEPT) is an English proficiency test which measures the listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency of candidates whose native language is not English. Universities, language schools, and corporate training programs around the world use the test to evaluate the ability of students and staff to understand and communicate clearly in English.

The Versant English Placement Test takes only 50 minutes and results are available online within minutes after the test is completed, allowing for quick, yet accurate placement decisions. Test questions reflect many different situations in the classroom and real world including reading aloud, conversations, dictations, summarisations, and email correspondence.

Full testing solution

Ensure you can be easily understood when you communicate with customers, co-workers or other students.

Check that you can understand what you hear on the phone with customers, or in class during a lecture.  

Confirm that you understand what you are reading, whether it be emails from customers or co-workers, lecture notes or assignments.

Evaluate how clearly and effectively you can write emails or provide real-time chat support to customers.

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